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ChangChun Worldhawk Optics Co.,Ltd
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Changchun Worldhawk Optoelectronics Co Ltd established in 2010 in China Optical City Changchun we have four branches in Changchun Nanjing Beijing and Hong Kong We can provide all kinds of optical products processing coating service assembling the lens high altitude monitoring quipment and airborne photoelectric stabilized platform and imaging system We consider our customer relationship to be a valuable asset We understand that your application is not standard and so we offer customization of all of our products Worldhawk have many experienced engineers and many skilled workers they are the important guarantee for the higher quality products We can ensure higher qualified rate because of...

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Products Keywords
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lensGermanium Glass WindowLine Laser Powell Lensmini right angle prismDot Module with Barket2mm Diameter Ball LensOptical Half Ball LensBK7 glass concave lens8-12um AR Coating LensUltraviolet Uv Filters90 Degree Powell PrismSapphire Crystal GlassDiameter 1mm Ball Lens450nm Dot Laser ModuleMount Dot Laser ModuleSapphire Glass WindowsHalf Cylindrical GlassMeniscus Cylinder LensNarrow Bandpass Filter635nm Laser Dot ModuleACL108-U Aspheric LensSapphire and Ruby BallCalcium Fluoride GlassUV and IR Fused silicaGlass Long Pass FilterMetal Mirror ReflectorShort Pass Cut FiltersOptical Ruby Ball LensPolished Silicon WaferBlue Line Laser ModuleHigh Reflective MirrorGlass Spherical LensesCondenser Concave LensGermanium for InfraredSpherical Doublet LensSapphire Rod InventoryFused Silica Ball LensGlass Filter Inventory175x210 Mm Flat MirrorAdjustable Focus Laser850nm shortpass filterK9 Glass Cylinder LensGround Sapphire Wafers2mm Sapphire Ball LensHemisphere 10mm LensesUv Fused Silica WindowLongpass Filter UV Cut532nm Laser Dot ModuleGringing Sapphire RingPass Filter for Camerasapphire crystal waferHot Sale 4mm Ball LensLens For Laser MachineOptical Glass Rod LensGreen Dot Laser ModuleDichroic Beam Splitter650nm Dot Laser ModuleAchromatic Convex LensM9X0.5 Collimator LensDielectric Film MirrorVisible Optical FilterSapphire Glass Washersthorlabs aspheric lensBiconvex Cylinder LensRound Sapphire WashersAspheric Lens in StockCylindrical Lens GlassGlass substrate mirrorACL7560U Aspheric LensOptical Colored FilterBeamspliter Mini PrismCustomized Plunger RodPolished Sapphire LensNegative Meniscus LensPositive Meniscus LensGlass Transparent LensScreen Printing PrimerGrinding Sapphire LensM9 0.5 Collimator LensLaser protective coverGlass Lenses CondenserLaser Collimation LensOptical Filters DesignSapphire Cylinder LensUV Fused Silica FilterSapphire Crystal Watchglass cylindrical lensHigh Reflection MirrorSapphire Watch WindowsUncoated Aspheric LensLens Uncoated in 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LensesGlass Double Concave LensFactory Direct glass lensDia. 8mm Collimating Lenscoating Right Angle PrismPrecision Aspheric LensesProtected Aluminum MirrorCircular Rectangular LensPolished Sapphire WindowsAspheric Cylindrical LensLaser Line Generator LensPolished Sapphire GlassesAchromatic Spherical LensMeniscus Cylindrical LensFWHM 15nm Bandpass Filtercylinderical powell prismBall Lenses Diameter 10mmHigh Quality Fused SilicaQuartz Ball and Half BallGermanium Single Crystalslaser module with housingOptical Crystal Ball LensGlass Dome Spherical LensOptical Glass Ball LensesOptical Glass Powell LensOptical Anamorphic PrismsAspheric Condenser LensesAspherical Lens for LightHot Sale Light Pipe PrismCustomized Wholesale LensCustom Made Optical PrismOptical Rectangular PrismSpherical Glass Dome LensSignal Coupling Ball LensAR Coated Aspherical LensBiconvex Cylindrical LensSmall Aspheric CollimatorFused Silica Glass LensesSpherical Small MicrolensRectangular Convex LensesCustomized K9 Glass 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GlassCylindrical Aspheric LensDOT Laser Collimator LensFused Silica Plate MirrorColourful Printed WindowsHigh Precision Micro Lens0.3 -120mm Ruby Ball LensGreen Blue Red Laser LensThe First Surface MirrorsSpherical Achromatic LensOptical Newtonian Mirrorselectronic product screenAdjustable Focus Rod LensOptical Blank Glass PrismHigh Refractive Ball LensRoof Prism 12.5 to 22.5mmLens for Laser CollimatorBuy Excess Inventory LensNegative Cylindrical LensPositive Cylindrical LensShock Resistant ND FilterHigh Transmission UV CaF2Calcium Fluoride CrystalsWholesale Customized GlassAspherical Achromatic LensPlano Convex Cylinder LensCustomize fan angle powelllaser powell for measuringOptical Color Glass FilterUv Nawrrow Bandpass FilterLaser Mirror for ProjectorStep Without Bevel WindowsMagnesium Fluoride WindowsAR coating infrared windowDiameter Plano Convex Lens800-1100nm Collimator LensOptical Sapphire Ball LensAchromatic Collimator LensJGS1 Fused silica cylinderConcave Convex CylindricalCustomized Germanium GlassBorosilicate Colorful LensMicro Cylindrical Rod LensSpherical Cylindrical LensCemented Plano Convex LensDielectric Coatings MirrorOptical Cylindrical LensesSilver Mirror ReflectivityCustom Optical Powell LensPolished Micro Ball LensesUV Optical Dichroic FILTEROptics Double Concave LensDielectric Mirror for SaleCollimating Lens For LaserOptical Glass 20/10 LensesDia.6 9 Mm Laser Line LensAspheric Plano-convex LensHard Sapphire Step WindowsReflective Coating MirrorsGermanium Infrared WindowsOptical Plano Concave LensB270 Glass Aspheric LensesHigh Reflective 99% CoatedHigh reflectivity cylinderSapphire Light Guide BlockCustomized Optical WindowsSapphire Plano Convex LensCustom Made Optical MirrorOptical IR Cut off FIlters4mm 8mm Cylindrical LensesConcave Cylindrical MirrorCalcium fluoride IR lensesPolished Optical Glass RodRectangle Sapphire WindowsSapphire Protected WindowsCustomized Aluminum Mirrormini small sizes ball lensBandpass Filter with Mountplano concave phere lensesSapphire Shaped Glass TubeRectangular Optical WindowCustomize Sapphire WindowsCustom Sapphire Glass LensSapphire Microspheres lens2 Index of Refraction BallQuartz/JGS1 Optical MirrorAchromatic Cylinder LensesPolarization Beam SplitterIndustrial Microscope LensSingle Side Polished WaferProtect Windows for CameraUV Pass IR Blocking FilterFirst Surface Silver MirrorLens for Optical InstrumentHigh Purity Plane SubstrateAspherical Collimation LensCustomized Reflector MirrorAstronomical Telescope LensConcave Mirror With coatingHigh Power Dot Laser ModuleCollimator Dot Laser Module90 Degrees Fan Angle PowellTransparent Cylinder LensesNegative Cylindrical Lenses60 Degrees Fan Angle PowellVisible Laser Diode MirrorsMenisucs Cylindrical LensesFinished Single Vision Lens45 Degrees Fan Angle Powell90 Degree Right Angle PrismSapphire Rods from ConstoneBiconvex Cylindrical LensesOptical Glass Windows Plate10 degrees fan angle powellTotal Reflection Cone PrismParallell Protected WindowsDouble Concave Glass lensesAspherical Cylindrical LensSchmidt Prism for Telescopelarge magnifying glass lensRed Cross Line Laser ModuleCollimator Lenses for LaserCustom Made Aspheric Lenses1815-U Aspheric Convex LensProtective Aluminum CoatingConvex Lens with AR CoatingB270 Aspheric Biconvex Lens30 degrees fan angle powellpolishing cylinder rod lensNarrow Bandpass Filter905nmOptical Glass Aspheric LensPolished glass concave lensplano convex lens inventorySpherical Ball Micro LensesAR Coating Collimating LensProfessional Custom FiltersCustomized Optical SapphireOptical Sapphire Customized400-1100nm Collimating LensConvex Aspherical CylindersFused silica concave lensesDia.6 9 Mm Laser Line PrismCustom Optical Notch FilterPlano Concave Cylinder LensBorosilicate Coating FilterSapphire Glass Step WindowsCorner Cube Reflector PrismRectangular Sapphire WindowLarge Line Laser GenneratorHot Sale on Shelf Ball Lens10 to 120deg Line GeneratorProtected Round Gold MirrorFused Silica Sapphire Glass45 60 Laser Line GenneratorDouble Convex Cylinder Lensdichroic glass color filterCustom Color Optical FilterH-K51 Glass Aspheric LensesAspheric Cylindrical LensesLaser Line Generator ModuleColourful Flat Glass WindowLight Guide Block for LaserOptics Crossfire Roof PrismWindows With Black PrintingAnamorphic Prisms for LaserLaser Sapphire Concave LensMaF2 for Laser ApplicationsHeat resistant glass filterPlano Convex Printing GlassFilter for Beauty EquipmentFactory offer BK7 Ball LensHigh Quality Half Ball LensUV high transmittance glassCustom Standard Powell LensClear Optical Glass WindowsProtective Aluminium MirrorBK7 Glass Rectangular PrismFiber Collimation Ball LensAchromatic Cylindrical LensBroadband Dielectric MirrorAspheric Double Convex LensOptical Precision Ball LensPolished Right Angle PrismsAspherical Polished SurfaceZWB1/ZWB2/ZWB3 Glass FilterSpherical Plano Convex LensFactory offer Ruby Ball LensCustom Collimation Ball LensSpheric Lens with AR CoatingSapphire Camera Lens GlassesHigh Quality Clear Ball LensOptics Glass Customized LensLens for Imaging Camera LensCustom Optical BeamsplittersAspherical Plano-convex LensOptical Standard Powell LensBarium Fluoride BaF2 WindowsCone Prism for Total StationFactory offer JGS1 Ball LensGe Window for Thermal CameraDouble Concave Cylinder LensSpherical Cylindrical LensesTelescope Plate Laser MirrorOn Shelf 8mm Collimator LensCustom Protected Gold MirrorFused Silica Glass Ball LensStep Window Made of SapphireGlass Fused Silica Ball LensHigh Accuracy Optical MirrorHalf Penta Prism Penta PrismGLASS lenses for D42mm F45mmOptical Laser Line GeneratorN-BK7 Glass Triangular PrismFunction Optical Glass PrismTop Quality Sapphire CrystalDielectric Reflective MirrorHigh Quality Dichroic FilterBandpass Filters 220nm 405nm1.0mm Thick Sapphire CrystalOptical Glass Concave MirrorFactory double convex lenses90deg Cross Cylindrical LensEquilateral Triangular PrismOptical Glass Half Ball LensHigh Precision Aspheric LensGlass Prisms for PhotographyCollimator Lens on Inventoryfirst surface concave mirrorAaspherical Lens for ImagingVarious shape Optical MirrorPlano Convex Cylinder Lenses1/10 lambda precision mirrorHigh-fidelity Imaging MirrorHigh Quality Optical WindowsSymmetric Double Convex LensND2-400 49mm Concept FiltersWL 450nm 650nm Aspheric LensConcave Optical Glass MirrorPrecision Optical ComponentsPolarizing Cube BeamsplitterLarge Sapphire Cylinder LensOptical Glass Spherical LensMetal Reflect Coating MirrorQuartz Glass Aspherical LensAspherized Achromatic LensesConvex Focus Lens for CameraIR Polished Germanium WindowBK7 K9 glass Achromatic Lensfocusing ball lens for fiberPrism For Laser Range FinderOptical Convex Cylinder LensCustomized Optical Ball LensAcylindrical Focusing LensesRetroreflectors Optical PrismHalf Ball Lenses Diameter 1mmCustom Optical Spherical LensLens for Focus Incoming LightReflective 99% Coating mirrorMirrors for Laser InstrumentsLaser Lens with Black CoatingFused Silica JGS1 Glass PrismHalf Ball Lenses on InventoryOptical Protected Gold MirrorOptical Ball Lens For MedicalBorosilicate Spherical LensesSpherical Double Concave LensSchmidt Prism for MicroscopesNeutral Density Filters GlassSpherical Glass Convex LensesPrism for Telescope EyepiecesWatch Replacement Glass PartsRed/Green/Yellow Glass FilterPhotography Right Angle PrismHigh Accuracy Optical MirrorsPrism for Medical InstrumentsOptical Sapphire Glass LensesOptical Glass Lens MicroscopeHemisphere Sapphire Ball LensJGS1 JGS2 JGS3 Half Ball LensSquare Neutral Density FilterReflection 90% Optical MirrorAspheric Lens for FlashlightsPlano Convex Cylindrical LensFactory Supply Optical WindowCylindrical Convex Micro LensGlass Diameter 1 Mm Ball LensBall Lens with High PrecisionCaF2 for excimer laser opticsCustomize Window with PatternCylindrical Fused Silica Lens50.8mm Diameter Cylinder LensOptical Aspherical Lens GlassJGS1 for imaging applicationsOptical Concave Cylinder LensHigh quality cylindrical lensfused silica Right Angle PrismAspherical Doublet Convex LensCustom Sapphire Gemstone GlassLaser Collimator Aspheric LensUV Fused Silica Half Ball LensTop Quality AR Coating WindowsDouble Convex Cylindrical LensHigh Precision Polished PrismsSapphire Glass Optical WindowsPlano Concave Cylindrical LensOptical Glass Corner Cube LENSBK7 Right Angle Triangle PrismHigh Purity Sapphire Ball LensMeniscus Cylindrical for LaserCustomized Optical Prism GlassAchromatic Lenses with CoatingConvex Rectangular CylindricalPolished Sapphire Cylinder RodCustom Optical Dichroic FilterAluminum Silver Coating MirrorAspheric Glass Collimator LensOptical Window for Fiber LaserOptical Fused Silica Ball LensCustom Optical Aluminum MirrorCylinders Aspherical CylindersDove prisms for interferometryHigh Reflection Coating MirrorMicro Ball Lens Used for Fiberoptical color filter for lightOptical Glass Mirror For LaserPatterned Colourful Glass LensCustomized Double Concave lensFused Silica Glass Light GuideSapphire Slides for MicroscopeAchromatic Lens For TelescopesQuartz Glass Optical Ball Lens10mm Square Cylindrical LensesFactory Supply Glass Ball LensFilter for Cosmetic InstrumentHigh Penetration Sapphire LensCaF2 for spectroscopic windowsUv Fused Silica Wedged WindowsHigh Precision Laser GeneratorSpherical and Cylindrical LensCustom Protected Silver MirrorLens for Astronomical TelescopeEnhanced Aluminum Coating PrismHigh Reflective Coating MirrorsAdditive or Subtractive Filters337nm to 1064nm Bandpass FilterFilters for Optical InstrumentsHigh Transmittance Fused SilicaBarcode Scanner Bandpass FilterCustomized Concave Glass lensesOptical Glass Corner Cube PrismPrism Plated With Black CoatingCylindrical Shape Cemented LensCWL 1310nm 1532nm 1550nm FilterHigh Reflection Coating MirrorsConcave lenses for diverge beamOptical Doublet Achromatic Lens1.0mm Thick Flat Sapphire GlassOptical IR Interference FiltersVisible Narrow Bandpass FiltersCustom Optical Shortpass Filter5040-U Large Size Aspheric LensSpherical N-BK7 Glass Ball LensDouble Concave Cylindrical LensOptical Glass Right Angle PrismGlass Meniscus Cylindrical LensSpherical and Aspherical LensesHigh UV Fused Silica Glass DomeAspheric Lenses Without CoatingInternal Reflection Dove PrismsHigh Quality Optical Glass LensUnpolarized Beamsplitter MirrorPattern Printing Colored LensesCalcium Fluoride Optical WindowDome Lens for Underwater CameraBroad Spectrum Cylindrical LensColorful Glass Spherical LensesLens for Thermal Imaging CameraDoublet Achromatic Cylinder LensNd 1.7-2.2 Optical Cylinder LensSelective Absorption type filterOptical Glass Cylindrical LensesGraduated Neutral Density FilterOptical Concave Cylindrical LensCustom Aspheric Lenses for LaserOptical Enhanced Aluminum MirrorD 1mm 2mm Optical Spherical LensOptical Tapered Light Pipe PrismCustom Protected Aluminum MirrorGlass Window With Black Printingwindows for Imaging ApplicationsEnhanced Aluminum Mirror CoatingOptical Crystal Glass Micro LensLight Guide Optics InternationalHigh Temperature Resistant GlassHigh Reflection Mirror for LaserSapphire JGS1 Optical Glass LensOptical Glass Cylindrical MirrorDia.6 9 Mm Laser Line GenneratorOptical Polished Aspheric LensesHigh Precision Plano Convex LensAchromatic Doublet Cemented LensProfessional Customized SapphireUncoated Aspheric Condenser Lens110 Degree Laser Line Prism LensFactory Offer Optical Glass LensCustomized Optical Sapphire LensCylindrical Lens with AR CoatingPrisms for Elliptical Beam Shape30 30 150mm Optical Glass PrismsLens With Anti-Reflective CoatingOptical Glass Fused Silica MirrorOptical Aspheric Condenser LensesFactory Customized Sapphire GlassCustomized Round Cylindrical LensN-BK7 Glass Laser Line GenneratorWholesale Optical Glass Ball LensCylindrical Sapphire Glass LensesMirror With Protective AL coatingCustom Dielectric Coatings MirrorPrisms for Binoculars MicroscopesCustomize Cross Line Laser ModuleCustom Optical Color Glass FilterOptical Protected Aluminum MirrorPlano Convex Pvc Cylindrical LensOptical Meniscus Cylindrical LensSubstrate Protective Gold MirrorsPrecision Polished Aspheric LensesMicro Lens for Semiconductor LaserMagnesium Fluoride Optical WindowsAluminium Reflective Coated MirrorOptical Prism for Survey EquipmentAchromatic Lens with Black CoatingSapphire Rods for Accurate MachineTelescope Meniscus Achromatic LensGlass Ball Lens for Fiber CouplingSi Widnow for Infrared ApplicationOptical Glass Doublet Concave LensOptical Glass Laser Line GeneratorAchromatic Doublet Aspheric LensesFan Angle 45 Laser Line GenneratorOptical Dielectric Coatings MirrorBK7 Fused Silica Plano-convex LensDouble Side Polished Silicon Waferprism for displaced retroreflectionOptical Achromatic Cylindrical LensOptical Plano Concave Cylinder LensDove Prisms Glass Trapezoidal PrismDoublet Achromatic Cylindrical LensDiameter 5mm H-K9L Cylindrical LensOptical Glass Laser Line GenneratorOptical Double Convex Cylinder LensDove Prisms for Pattern RecognitionCustomized Polished Aspheric LensesCut-off Infrared 900nm Glass FilterHigh Precision Laser Line GeneratorSpecial Windows With Black PrintingSapphire Optical Ring Glass WindowsOptical Aspherical Collimating LensBroadband Dielectric Coating MirrorSapphire Glass for with Direct SaleOptical Aspheric Cylindrical LensesColored Lenses with Pattern PrintingAchromatic Lens Imaging Applications400-700nm AR Coating Collimator LensFWHM 10-20nm Narrow Band Pass FilterCold Light Reflective Coating MirrorTempered Windows With Black PrintingIndustrial Laser Line Generator Lensachromatic cylindrical meniscus lensIndustrial Microscope Objective LensCustomized Projector Glass Ball LensCustomized Optical Wedge Prism GlassHigh Precision Visible Aspheric LensLine Laser Powell Lens For GeneratorBorosilicate Lens with Black CoatingFilters for Biomedical Laser SystemsBorosilicate Optical Glass Ball LensDome Lens for Camera Protective CoverOptical Right Angle Prism with Groovedisplaced retroreflection dove prismsProfessional Customized Optical GlassCylinder Rod Prism for Endoscope LensBorosilicate Glass Lens for ProjectorConvex Lenses with Patterned PrintingHigh Transmittance Short Pass FiltersCustom Shape Cylinder Light Pipe PrismGlass Windows for Optical ApplicationsHigh Reflective Mirrors for BinocilarsLaser Line Gennerator for Mobile PhoneHigh Reflective Mirrors for MicroscopeCustom Aspheric Lenses Without CoatingAspherical Biconvex Cylindrical LensesPtical Windows for Laboratory EquipmentSapphire Rods for Inspection InstrumentMeniscus Lens with AR Coating 400-700nmPrism for Medical Instruments EquipmentLens for the Fiber Communication DeviceHWB760 HWB780 HWB800 HWB930 Glass FilterPrinting Colorful Glass Spherical LensesCustomize H-K9L Tapered Light Pipe PrismPrisms for Converting the Elliptical BeamRight Angle Prism for Fingerprint scannerOptical Borosilicate Glass Achromatic LensOptics Crossfire Roof Prism for BinocularsCylinder Rod Prism for Medical InstrumentsCustomized optical glass sapphire dome lensOptical Doublet Achromatic Cylindrical LensCustomized High Transmission Optical WindowWholesale Rigorous Tested Optical Ball LensCustomized High Quality Sapphire Glass LensesSapphire Glass for Medical Laboratory Utensils
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